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The beautiful and captivating Mount Pelion, with its exquisite environment and its mystic atmosphere, the mountain of twenty four villages, tens of settlements and profuse vegetation, has plenty of sights as well as a significant history. Traditions, legends, enchanting myths and historic battles have taken place in the area of Pelion, legendary creatures, warriors and mythical heroes have walked on or lived in it. It is a place famous not only for its many natural beauties but also for its long tradition in literature and arts ever since the Ottoman period. Pelion is beautiful at any time of year and is ideal for both winter and summer vacations, with a large number of businesses that provide even the most demanding guest with hospitality, tasty traditional food and all modern comforts. With its lovely stone houses coming out of the lush vegetation, its wonderful mansions, the churches, the springs, the stone bridges, the delightful routes and the variety of cultural and sports activities during the summer months, it is a real gem that offers opportunities for relaxation and entertainment, sharing generously its fruits and hospitality.

Tens of dent elated beaches of all sizes, golden coasts and natural bays form the marine nature of Pelion, which tourists prefer for their summer excursions. Some beaches are more crowded and organized thus offering plenty of choices whereas others are more secluded and are therefore indicated for a carefree and relaxing swim. Pelion can impress any visitor not only with the beauty of its picturesque villages, its infinite vegetation and its unique architecture but with its rich history in the fields of art and literature as well. Some of the most important schools and libraries, renowned throughout Greece and abroad, were founded in the Mountain of Centaurs. Prominent artists and folk painters were born there, acted there and benefited its villages.

Organize your wedding in Pelion. In one of the beautiful villages of Eastern Pelion. In Tsagarada under the centuries-old plane tree. In one of the four squares of Zagora, or in the picturesque port of Damouhari, Agios Ioannis, or Horeftos. Truly Your wedding in Pelion will be an experience you will remember forever!

Nowadays, Pelion preserves its traditional character, trying at the same time to keep up with the newest trends. It is one of the most favorite travelling destinations of both Greek and foreign visitors, while a lot of its villages have come to know a notable tourist growth. Its residents, feeling proud of their history and culture, are willing to welcome their visitors cordially and engage in showing them round their fruitful land.

Points Of Interest

In this earthly paradise the sights worth visiting are many:

  • The historic library of Zagora is located in the central square of the village, Agios Georgios. There one can find about 18.000 rare editions of books that are particularly valuable for the time, the place and the way of their publication.
  • The Hellenic Museum (the school of Rigas Feraios), founded in 1712, hosts various exhibitions on a regular basis and has a permanent exhibition of copies of incurables and manuscripts of the library.
  • Nanopouleios School in Tsagarada, an imposing work of art, was built as a donation from the benefactor Nikolaos G. Nanopoulos (1866-1927) in the early 20th century. It is one of the most emblematic and imposing buildings of Tsagarada and Pelion, and has in fact been named a Work of Art by UNESCO in 1985.   
  • Kartaleio Primary School, “The Girl’s Boarding School of Tsagarada”, was donated from the benefactor Ioannis A. Kartalis (1842-1908) during the second half of the 19th century, in 1870, and is highly representative of the neoclassical architecture as it was formed in the late 19th century in the area of Pelion.
  • The plane tree of Tsagarada is one of the oldest trees in Greece, even maybe in Europe. It is about 1.000 years old and is located in the central square of Tsagarada, Agia Paraskevi.
  • A true gem of Pelion is the aisled basilica of Agia Marina in Kissos, with its impressive gilded icon screen and its “invisible” internal domes. Some other churches worth seeing are Agia Kiriaki in Zagora with the gilded sanctuary gate and the stone church of Agios Athanasios in Anilio with its ornate woodcut baroque icon screen and the majestic episcopal throne.
  • The hundreds of fountains, interspersed all over the villages of the Mountain of Centaurs, are too representative of the traditional architecture of Pelion and complement he urban equipment of the villages, having been built with the artistry of folk craftsmen.
  • The arched stone bridges that can be found almost everywhere in Pelion also attract many visitors and are in total harmony with the natural environment surrounding them.
  • In the ski resort of Pelion, 20 km. far from Zagora, where shelter can be found, there is a skiing school as well as a first aid station. Everything is at the disposal of the lovers of winter sports.

Useful Information

Mount Pelion is located in central Greece, in the administrative region of Thessaly and in the regional unit of Magnesia in particular. The fact that it is in the center of Greece makes it very easily accessible. The city of Volos, the capital of Magnesia, is the starting-point to reach Pelion and its villages.

You can travel by car, by bus (KTEL), by taxi or on foot through the well-preserved cobbled roads. In Pelion there are banks, a post office, a Health Center, a police station and gas stations.

The nightlife of East Pelion has many choices to offer, especially during the summer months. In winter, it is advisable to get tire chains in case there is a snowfall and you want to visit Pelion or head to the ski resort in Chania.  

Worth Seeing

  1. Dive into the turquoise waters of Fakistra, a secluded pebbly beach, ideal for relaxation.
  2. Sit in the shade of the thousand-year old plane tree in Agia Paraskevi square in Tsagarada.
  3. Go for a walk in Damouchari, the wonderful seaside village with the olive trees, the stone houses and the tiny cove where many scenes of the movie “Mamma Mia” were shot.
  4. Stop at Zagora, the biggest village of Pelion, in order to enjoy the cool air and visit “Krifo Scholio”, the “secret school” of Rigas Feraios.
  5. Enjoy the unparalleled charm of the beautiful beach of Horefto, Makrirachi (Agioi Saranda), the famous cosmopolitan beach of Agios Ioannis, Mylopotamos and Papa Nero, where the green mountain slopes meet the blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Of course do not miss paying a visit to the famous Tsagarada, the traditional Vyzitsa and all the other villages that are ready to welcome you and offer you moments of relaxation.
  6. In the picturesque taverns you can taste traditional dishes like fasolada –hot bean soup–, spetzofai, seafood, wine and fruit.
  7. Over the years, in many villages a lot of women using their artistry and creative imagination have founded the agricultural associations of Pelion, where they prepare home-made jams, marmalades, liqueurs and sell top quality products.

Outdoor Activities

The beautiful and captivating Mount Pelion, with its exquisite environment and its mystic atmosphere, is ideal for various outdoor activities such as riding a mountain bike, hiking, horse-riding, swimming, diving and other aquatic sports, as for alternative tourism in general.

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